Copyediting and Translating Services

Copyediting and Proofreading for Academic Writing

I have more than 15 years’ experience of copyediting and proofreading academic writing. I check author’s work for clarity, precision and style. Writing clearly and without unnecessary jargon or obfuscation is an integral part of becoming a productive and successful academic. 

I am available for copyediting and translation (from Indonesian to English).


I have copyedited dozens of PhDs and scholarly articles for academics from: Leiden University, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Tilburg University, BRIN (Indonesia), UGM (Indonesia) and The University of Melbourne. I have copyedited books published by Palgrave, Routledge and Macmillan. 

For reference, some of my own key writings include: “Soccer in the City“, “Ultras in Indonesia“, “Religious freedom in Indonesia” and “Going to Guluk-Guluk

Main Fields: 

My own research work is at the intersection of urban studies, Islamic studies and popular culture. I welcome the opportunity to copyedit and proofread scholarly work in: Islamic Studies, Indonesian Studies, Anthropology, Urban Studies, Sociology.

Service Provided:

I treat the author’s work with respect. The author is the expert in her or his field and I work with the author to improve their writing so that it is free from grammatical errors and accords to common styles of clear writing. 

Where necessary, I re-write sentences in order to improve their syntax. In some cases, I make comments regarding the author’s intentions or usage of a particular word. I alert the author to inconsistencies in regards to use of italics, quotation marks and referencing. 


The fee I charge is consistent with standards for freelance editing. Fees are based on the needs of the author and the stage the text is at. As each PhD thesis requires different degrees of copyediting and follows a different timeline, please contact me at for a quote.