Faisal Tehrani

Faisal Tehrani - Portrait
Faisal Tehrani

Faisal Tehrani (born 1974; also known as Mohd Faizal Musa) is an essayist and novelist in Malaysia. He is currently working at the Institute of the Malay World and Civilisation, National University of Malaysia (UKM) where he is researching on literature, and human rights. Faisal is an Associate of the Global Sh’ia Diaspora at the WCFIA Project on Shi’ism and Global Affairs at Harvard University (for example, see his essay on Karbala, here).

Reading Sideways Press will publish the international edition of The Professor (trans. Brigitte Bresson, Gerak Budaya, 2019) in 2020.

Seven of Faisal’s books are banned by Malaysian government and he is frequently targeted by religious extremists. Faisal Tehrani is among a few human rights defender in Malaysia working in freedom of religion and beliefs.

His other works include:

Cinta Hari-hari Rusuhan (2000), translated into Indonesian as Lelaki Yang Membunuh Kenangan (2019), published by Bentang Pustaka, Jogjakarta.

1515 (2002) won numerous awards in Malaysia, was translated into French by Monique Zaini-Lajoubert, published by Les Indes Savantes (2016), Paris. “1515” is the only contemporary Malaysian novel mentioned in The Encyclopedia of the Blackwell (2011).

Stage play and novella “The Nurse” and “Crises” (2017), translated and published by Thukul Cetak, Kuala Lumpur.

Short story “The Koro Report” (2019), published by Mekong Review, No.14, Sydney.