How Anyss Went to Heaven

Faisal Tehrani, How Anyss Went to Heaven (trans. Brigitte Bresson), Bangi: Dubooks 2016.

The full book, as pdf, is downloadable here:

Faisal Tehrani – How Anyss Went to Heaven – May 2020

Thank you to Faisal for making this book available. 

The Jakarta Post on Faisal Tehrani:

“I have positioned myself ideologically against the Malaysian government’s ‘Islamism’ project and by challenging the status quo, even a known writer like me can get into trouble” he said.

Even his works that are banned are hard to find on bookshelves like his novel, Bagaimana Anyss Naik Ke Langit (How Anyss Goes to the Sky), focused on the plight of the Penan Indigenous group in Sarawak.

“This commercial censorship proves that fear is creeping in effectively,” he said.

Making no effort to hide his disdain for Islamic bureaucrats, he calls the ban imposed by them “another form of terror” and a sign of “rising extremism.” Their actions, he said, are in opposition to Islam’s strength.

Full article, here.