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COST // $10 AUD (Domestic Notes Vol 1), $20 AUD (Domestic Notes Vol 2) EDITION of // 350 copies (Domestic Notes Vol 1), 120 copies (Domestic Notes Vol 2) DESCRIPTION (both of the whole series and of each issue) // Domestic Notes is a publication-based project developed by Nuraini Juliastuti. Domestic Notes uses domestic and migrant spaces as sites to discuss everyday politics, organization of makeshift support system, trivial matters, and gestures that often overpowered by the usual productivity and stability formula. Domestic Notes Vol 1: Home, Food contains notes and short essays about food, traveling, the imagined-home, and the politics of domestic food. Domestic Notes Vol 2: Art, Travel, and Brief Visitations is divided into four parts. Part one is about traveling, collective, and domestic life. Part two is about traveling and the politics of being the host and the guest in a certain social context. Part three is about English language. Part four is about family life, walking and drawing together.